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28 January 2011 @ 02:07 pm

I have decided to switch journals. You can now find me at cathaaaaaaarina , everything is already up and running.

For those of you who still want me on your flist, please friend me over there, I'd be delighted to have you back! For those who'd rather not, I apologise for being such a sucky lj friend, but it was good while it lasted.

orenjimaru was a fun place, but it's time to move on. See you on the other side!
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02 November 2010 @ 11:31 pm
As most of you might have noticed by now, it seems like I've pretty much given up on updating my lj after all. I've only been using this account for fic writing after my self imposed hiatus D: Speaking of which, here it is, Junho centric as expected, linking it here anyway even if it is rather shameless of me to ask any of you to r&r.

In other news, my twitter un has finally changed. my old @junbuns is now

I'm toying with the idea of simply creating a new journal and starting afresh, so those of you who want to purge me and my fail from your flist can do just that while others can friend me again at the new account. Another beginning might help with the motivation issues I have going on here, who knows. What say you? :)
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28 August 2010 @ 04:44 pm
I've officially broken my fic-writing fast 8DD

For the longest time, I couldn't find any inspiration whatsoever, not to mention I hardly had time to rest much, let alone sit down and properly write while on vacay in Asia. (Cray cray, busy, fast-paced, amazing Asia. Mmm..)
Anyways, it feels good to finally be writing again. It took rather a long while of staring at the page for me to get the mood and my correct motivation back, but I did it in the end  /proud like a mama hen

Dreams of Reality, 5th instalment

Go read pls, I would love to have some concrit. Although, due to the beastly amount of time it has been left hanging, it might be more constructive to re-read the previous chapters again to get the gist of the plot again lol.
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25 August 2010 @ 04:26 pm
I'm really interested to find out which of you among my flist still remember who I am ^^;

I'm not dead okay, just saying.

As probably only byeori knows, I was away on vacay back in asia :)
Best trip I've had in a long while; went back to Hong Kong, and then ten days in Shanghai for the World Expo, back to HK, Taiwan for a week, back to HK, Singapore for a week, back to HK, and then obviously back here to England. I would do an indepth post on all my travels, but I dont think anyone would be interested so I really cba right now haha.

If it weren't for getting my results on the 19th, I wouldn't even be back here right now. Speaking of which, I managed to get ABD for my A levels: A for Comms, B for English Lang/Lit, and D for Sociology. I never actually expected these results, surprise surprise. I was, am still, well chuffed with the Comms grade, I worked hard for this and it paid off, goddammit. Didn't manage to get into Sheffield for East Asian Studies (i crai crai!), but now I'm in Westminster for Chinese and English Language. It'll do, haha.

Last minute accommodation for uni is no laughing matter man, I hate life atm. Plus, I caught the cough that my sister had while in Hong Kong, and now its escalated into upper trajectory inflammation shizzle nizzle drizzle blah and I'm coughing every three minutes which isnt cool at all.

Drop by say hi or something, guys! I'm sorry to have been such a waste of space, but I'm here and trying to get back into the whole swing of things as well as picking up my fic writing again. Still love you ;)
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29 May 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Yesterday was the last day of college! I still dont know whether to be ecstatic or gutted rly. It was odd; didnt feel like any sort of last day at all. I think its because I know I'll still be going back for revision & exams, which will mean meet-ups etc, so it wasnt all emo for me. The day I get my A2 results back will be the day I cry my fucking eyes out, just watch me. Hopefully not because of shitty grades though lol.

Also, it was so weird in English that I had to pull out my phone to tweet about it. We were playing tiddlywinks and watching Blackadder when suddenly it hit me that I've been having english lessons since I was what, six? & now after so many years, out of the blue, I'll never be taking another english class ever again. D:
Comms was good, well only the last bit really, I expected a more spectacular ending to such a spectacular course, but even though it wasnt, Steve made it such that none of us really wanted to file out of the room even though he let us go well early. Steve's an amazing teacher, I've been saying this since last year, & he shall be the one teacher I miss most. Goddamm, but Comms was awesome, I'll miss taking it :/

Anyway, we went to Vicky Park after finishing up & camwhoring in college, and it was well good. Hide and seek innit! 8D

We so epic, fo shizzle. ♥
I ended up with achy muscles & bruises everywhere & scratches all over my legs (because I hid in some really thorny bushes, though in the end they turned out to be the Best Spot Ever To Win Hide and Seek), but by god, this was one of the best days of mah laif :DD
I'm really going to miss this bunch when I finally graduate. But till then, I'm not even going to think about it rly, lmao
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