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27 December 1989

ケタリナ, 张英棋.

I am the girl daydreaming right under the teacher's nose.
I am the girl who mixes Japanese, Korean and French into her sentances.
I am the girl who piles her plate high with cheese at the pasta stall.
I am the girl who wants to become a vampire.
I am the girl who likes weird animals like porcupines, foxes and snakes.
I am the girl who attracts the tigers and leopards and panthers right up to the glass pane in the zoo.
I am the girl who sang the entire Phantom of The Opera by heart at age 7.
I am the girl who reaches over and doodles on your notebook.
I am the girl who has a constant craving for Orange Julius originals, Mrs Field's butter toffee cookies, and kiwi fruits.
I am the girl on a perpetual search for the perfect deep purple nail varnish and peep-toe pumps.
I am the girl who likes literature, but flunks the subject anyway.
I am the girl with a weakness for dramatic behaviour and witty banter.
I am the girl you will come to love.

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